Spoof Ads


This is our collection of top spoof ad entries.


Creating spoof advertisements is a fun exercise to test the critical analysis and creative expression skills of students. The design is to reconstruct an ad delivering a more truthful or constructive message through altered images, words or visual techniques. A spoof ad project will ask students to consider a brand, product or company that they use or know of, and look deeper into its production and consumption.

How can and why does SMART Telecom, for instance, provide free Facebook use while the Internet connection in the country remains generally below par? SM Supermalls claims that they “got it all”, does this include the proper wages and rights of its employees? How come ads of alcoholic drinks are always set in good times, isn’t it when we are down-and-out when we usually chug on these? Not all spoof ads can address multiple questions. In fact, many of the most effective ads make a single, simple point that sticks in the mind.

The goal of this activity is to demonstrate an understanding that ads tell ½ truths about products; to increase awareness that ads are designed to deliver specific messages to consumers; and to address issues of social justice and consumer awareness.

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