In 2014, three fresh graduates from the Journalism program of the University of the Philippines decided to work on a project on media literacy. This rooted from the concern that in spite of the pervasiveness of social media and mobile technology in the Philippines, combined with the constant influence of traditional media, many Filipinos remain indifferent to pertinent social issues. There is also a need to promote critical thinking skils. To address these issues, we go to the core: media literacy education to equip Filipino students with the essential skills to engage with media critically, responsibly, and effectively.

Hence, Out of The Box (OOTB) Media Literacy Initiative was born. We are a non-profit, non-government youth organization advancing media literacy education in the Philippines. Since our establishment, we have already hosted various educational programs for students and teachers from over 70 high schools and universities nationwide. Some of our participants even became volunteers or Media Literacy Advocates later on. We also produce media literacy resources like videos, infographic posters, and primers. OOTB is registered under Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as Bootcamp Media Literacy Initiative Inc.

Since our inception, we have been financially supported by UNESCO Jakarata which provided us with seed funding and Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) which enabled us to expand and sustain our programs. In fact, we were able to hold a special Media Literacy Workshop at the University of Indonesia in 2016. On 2018, Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD), Telstra Foundation, and InnovateGov supported OOTB’s efforts.

The name “Out of The Box” dually refers to nonconformist, creative thinking, and a figurative imagery of going beyond the television and the computer screen (box). The name fits the very mission of the organization which is to promote a way of thinking that could challenge existing powerful ideologies and create innovative and emancipatory multimedia content.



We are dedicated to advance media literacy in the Philippines by providing the youth with information and innovative tools in both formal and informal educational settings. We highly value critical thinking, press freedom, and accessible and quality education.


We envision the Filipino youth equipped with the creative and critical thinking skills they need to engage with media as proactive citizens of a 21st century democracy.

Meet the OOTB Team

Out of The Box is the brainchild of three UP College of Mass Communication alumni. Long-time friends and student union colleagues, they share the same passion and aspirations for Philippine society and media industry.


Sarah Torres

Sarah is an advocate of media literacy, art, and education. She is finishing her graduate studies at the UP Film Institute's Media Studies program. She is also working as an associate of CANVAS, a non-profit for art and children’s reading literacy. One of her aspirations is to be part of the academe and be able to empower the next generation to serve the people.

Marlon Nombrado

Marlon is a graduate student of Communication at the University of the Philippines. Currently, he is employed as a full-time senior high school adviser in Marist School Marikina which serves as his personal lab for media literacy education. As a graphic artist, his portfolio includes multiple digital and print publications, infographics, logos, posters, and brochures.

Darlene Cay

Darlene is currently a reporter at GMA News. She mostly covers crime and police stories. Before her stint as a reporter, she worked as a Segment Producer for GMA and as Media Officer in a non-government organization. In college, her articles have been published in VERA Files, an independent media organization taking a deeper look on Philippine issues.