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There are three ways to support media literacy education: Donate, Buy, and Collaborate. Check the tabs below to learn how you can contribute.

Support Media Literacy

Your P100.00 (plus centavos) can go a long way! Yes, we are accepting those centavos sleeping in your bank account in five easy steps:

  1. Log in to your BDO mobile app or through the BDO online banking site.
  2. Click the “Send Money” tab and choose “To Any BDO Account”.
  3. Enter the Amount you wish to donate.
  4. Enter the Destination Account: Bootcamp Media Literacy Initiative Inc. 008650025469
  5. Hit Continue and you’re done! 

After donating, please click the DONATE tab below so we can thank you properly and send updates on how your P100.00 + centavos have been used in advancing media literacy education.

ML Box Launching Soon

With the goal of supporting media literacy teachers, OOTB is going to launch a Media Literacy Learning Box that includes creative and local academic resources. Through the ML Box, teachers will be able to facilitate a more effective media literacy discussion inside and outside the classroom. The contents of the Box include a learning guide, book, and other surprise items. Watch out for the ML Box, launching soon!

If you are not a teacher, you can still support this project by donating a Box. How does that work? Once we have launched, you can purchase the ML Box and your donation will be given to a selected teacher. We will send all donors a thank you note and distribution report thereafter.

Click PRE-ORDER to get on our priority list.

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