Be resilient to new forms of misleading and manipulative media

Learn how to interrogate media texts using the Media Detective Questionnaire (5 Key Questions of Media Literacy) and inoculate yourself from harmful ‘influence operations’ 

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Be a Media Detective!

In “Media Detectives: Media Literacy Training on Interrogating Influence”, you do not only activate you critical thinking skills in deciphering everyday media but are also empowered to responsibly create and share media for the common good. 

Learn about...

Media interrogation

Media Interrogation—the heart of media literacy—is the practice of asking critical questions to analyze and evaluate any kind of media text

Inoculation and prebunking

Like getting a vaccine against a serious disease, you can build your immunity from harmful media by learning to identify the techniques of media manipulation

Influence operations

strategic communications that aim to hack attention, mobilize audiences, and influence electoral outcomes; this includes strategies that do not directly use false or misleading claims

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