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Around the world, young people are redefining what it means to participate and get involved in social issues and community affairs. With digital media tools that are easy to access and use, many youth find opportunities to express their advocacies and political views in creative ways, including through music, vlogs, memes and hashtags. To cultivate the digital civic engagement of the youth, they must be empowered to not only respond to the many challenges and opportunities presented in these digital spaces, but to also articulate their digital rights in today’s modern democracy. 

The Youth Leaders Incubator is a digital civic learning opportunity for Filipino youth groups and organizations that aspire to create concrete social impact in their communities and encourage youth participation. In Phase 2 of the program, which runs from November 2021 to April 2022, ten (10) youth organizations will be under the support of the Incubator as they implement their advocacy projects. Each team receives seed funding, in the form of cash and Facebook ad credits, and technical support through mentoring and fellowship activities. 

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Simulan Natin 2022

Junior Executive Society

Panubli: An Ilonggo Heritage Preservation Initiative

LovEd Volunteers

Lider Ako Kit: An Empathy-based Leadership Learning Kit for Kids

Positive VIBES

#KAMALAYAN: Kabataan para sa Malayang

Team Dugong Bughaw


UP Community Development Circle


UPLB Babaylan

Capacity Development Project for Southern Tagalog Pride Member Organizations for Community-Based HIV Screening (CBS)

Youth of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente - Diocese of Romblon and Mindoro

Project Rayaw: A youth-led journey with
the Mangyans

Zero Waste Youth Romblon

Project Busoy: Local Seedling Nursery

What went down in Phase 1 of the Incubator?

Press Release [from: Out of The Box Media Literacy Initiative]

November 17, 2021

Headline: Youth orgs to amplify community advocacies in mentorship program

Youth organizations from all over the Philippines are set to kick off their advocacy campaigns this November 2021 with the goal to address different needs in their chosen communities and sectors.

Under the Youth Leaders Incubator, a digital civic learning program launched in September 2021 by Out of The Box Media Literacy Initiative (OOTB), together with Mano Amiga Philippines and Meta, 10 organizations will receive mentorship and technical assistance from civic and community leaders and receive seed funding to amplify their advocacies for the next five months.

The 10 organizations were selected from a pool of nationwide applications  and screened through the advocacy plans they crafted in the program’s earlier training phase, which included workshops on digital citizenship and community engagement.

The campaigns are diverse, with advocacies ranging from press freedom to good governance; from HIV awareness to environmental sustainability. The teams will launch community initiatives that focus on the common good and promote general welfare.

Among the projects to be launched are Positive VIBES’ “#KAMALAYAN: Kabataan para sa Malayang Halalan”, a voter’s education campaign for the youth of Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao; “Simulan Natin 2022” by GoodGovPH, which seeks to engage youth voters from Cavite for the 2022 elections; and Love Education Philippines’ “#LiderAko Campaign,” an empathy-based leadership learning kit for children; UP Community Development Circle’s “PAHAYAGAN kontra AGRESYON,” that aims to highlight the role of the campus press in fighting development aggression

Other campaigns set to roll out include “Panubli: An Ilonggo Heritage Preservation Initiative” by Junior Executive Society, which aims to promote the work of local Ilonggo artists through collaborations;  “ArtivisTAYO” by Black Canvas, which aims to raise awareness on artists’ welfare and advocacies; and Team Dugong Bughaw’s “Project High Five Digital” that seeks to address the lack of HIV/AIDS awareness among Iloilo youth.

Also included in the top 10 orgs are UPLB Babaylan’s HIV screening initiative for Southern Tagalog Pride organizations; Youth of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente’s “Project Rayaw: A youth-led journey with the Mangyans,” a Romblon- and Mindoro-based initiative to raise awareness on the issues of Mangyans; and Zero Waste Youth Romblon’s “Project Busoy: Local Seedling Nursery” that aims to establish a community seedling nursery. 

By the end of the mentorship program,  top three teams will be selected and will receive tokens and continuous technical support for their advocacy campaigns until the end of 2022.

Out of The Box Media Literacy Initiative (OOTB) is a non-government organization that works to mainstream media literacy practices in the Philippines through campaigns, workshops, and educational resources. Founded in 2014, it has helped students, teachers, and individuals become media and information literate and get involved in social issues and community affairs. 

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