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Youth Leaders Incubator

SEPTEMBER 2021 to APRIL 2022


Around the world, young people are redefining what it means to participate and get involved in social issues and community affairs. With digital media tools that are easy to access and use, many youth find opportunities to express their advocacies and political views in creative ways, including through music, vlogs, memes and hashtags. To cultivate the digital civic engagement of the youth, they must be empowered to not only respond to the many challenges and opportunities presented in these digital spaces, but to also articulate their digital rights in today’s modern democracy. 

The Youth Leaders Incubator is a digital civic learning opportunity for Filipino youth groups and organizations that aspire to create concrete social impact in their communities and encourage youth participation. Selected participants will receive eight months of hands-on, comprehensive support including training, knowledge sharing, mentoring, seed funding, and network building — all delivered virtually.

Who can apply?

  • civic-oriented youth groups/organizations that support various advocacies (e.g. combating misinformation, climate crisis/environment, education, public health, mental health and digital wellness, diversity and inclusion, child safety, indigenous peoples’ rights, peace-building, elections and voting rights, etc.)
  • Youth groups/orgs (e.g., school-based clubs, community-based, faith-based, student councils, fan groups, Sangguniang Kabataan, national youth orgs) from Luzon, NCR, Visayas, Mindanao, and BARMM 
  • Youth groups/orgs who exhibit the capacity to run an advocacy in an online community through webinars, campaigns, or other online events and activations
  • Participating youth groups/orgs should be represented by a team of 3-5 members
  • Team members should be between ages 18 and 30 years old
  • Teams who can commit to the entire duration of the incubator program (Phase 1: September 2021 and Phase 2: October 2021 to April 2022) 

What support will the selected youth groups/orgs receive?

The 20 teams that will be selected for Phase 1 of the program will receive:

      • An intensive 4-session training on digital citizenship, building advocacy plans, and social media marketing
      • Online vouchers, certificates of participation, and FB swag

The 10 teams that will advance to Phase 2 of the program will receive:

      • 5-month technical assistance and mentorship by experts in organizing online campaigns for advocacies and digital citizenship
      • Seed funding of P10,000 per month and Facebook ad credits to support their 5-month project implementation 

The Top 3 teams with the best projects at the end of Phase 2 will receive:

      • Tokens, Cash Prize, and continuous Facebook ad credits until the end of 2022

What are your group/org’s commitments if selected?

For Phase 1:

      • Designate three to five (3-5) members of your organization to represent you in the incubation program. Their responsibilities include attending and actively participating in the training sessions as well as cascading the acquired knowledge to their fellow members. 
      • Produce an advocacy plan that follows the provided template

For Phase 2:

      • Implement their advocacy plan for five months, under the guidance of their mentors. 
      • Attend and actively participate in the bi-monthly fellowship gatherings that will facilitate continuous learning from experts and knowledge sharing between the teams
      • Produce a documentation report detailing the 5-month project implementation

NOTE: In Phase 2 of the incubator, OOTB will regularly check whether the teams meet the above-mentioned requirements. Failure to meet any of these could lead to an immediate termination of program support.

Who will run the Incubator?

Out of The Box (OOTB) Media Literacy Initiative is a SEC-registered nonprofit organization that promotes the three media literacy practices of media interrogation, creation, and participation. Through its various educational programs, learning resources, and media campaigns, thousands of Filipino learners and educators have been trained to critically and responsibly engage in media. 

Mano Amiga is a school that provides underprivileged children access to international quality education (K-12), comparable with that of the best private schools. The school offers programs that promote values formation, skills and health development, and other services tailored to the needs of the community. Mano Amiga uplifts communities through increased student learning outcomes, improved access to health and medical services, and increased sustainable livelihood opportunities for families.

Facebook is a social media platform founded in 2004 that aims to give people the power to build community, stay connected, and share and express what matters to them. Facebook has previously implemented digital citizenship programs like Digital Tayo where accessible learning materials on digital literacy give Filipinos the skills to critically think and share online. Together with various partners from government, civil society and academe, Facebook aims to reach even more Filipinos to help create more positive, empowering and safe experiences online. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The entire program will be done online with a mix of synchronous and asynchronous sessions with experts, mentors, and fellow youth civic leaders.

Yes! Participating in the program will NOT require any fee.

There will be FOUR (4) synchronous sessions in Phase 1 of the program (September 25- 26 and October 2-3). Each synchronous session will run for 1.5 to 2 hours. For Phase 2, regular mentoring sessions and fellowship gatherings will happen at least once a month from November 2021 to April 2022.

You will learn from leading experts in the fields of Civic Media Literacy, Digital Citizenship, Advocacy Communications, and Social Media Marketing. If you make it to Phase 2, your team will be matched with a mentor that fits your organization’s advocacies, interests, and needs. There will also be opportunities for you to learn from your fellow participants.

We are accepting participants from all over the Philippines – in fact, applicants in every corner of the country is encouraged to apply! We welcome different voices, perspectives, and advocacies of any youth group. The program is exclusive for Philippines-based organizations, hence, international participants will not be accepted.

Yes! If your org or group will be represented by 3-5 members who are between 18 and 30 years old, you will be allowed to apply for the program.

Yes! Orgs or groups that are only recently formed are welcome to apply. The only requirement is for the org to have experience in promoting their advocacy online through campaigns, webinars, and other initiatives.

The term civics can refer to a broad range of activities. For as long as it involves participation in community activities that focus on the common good, it falls under civic participation. Examples include clean-up drives, awareness campaigns, tutoring, lobbying, protests, sign-up petitions, charities, relief operations, sports clinics, tree-planting, etc. While political activities such as volunteering for a political party or politician is part of civics, the Incubator will be exempting groups/org that will be campaigning for any electoral candidate in 2022.

Teams are encouraged to utilize all creative possibilities that employ digital media tools to communicate their advocacies. This includes, but is not limited to, infographics, vlogs, short films, memes, webinars, online contests, hashtag campaigns, and so on. Teams will only be prohibited to produce content and mount activities in relation to a political campaign of an electoral candidate for 2022.

Yes! All sync sessions and deadlines are set on Saturdays which should fit well in most students’ academic calendars. Also, sufficient time is alloted for teams to work on their outputs. The program stretches for 8 months to allow the teams to strategize effectively and work on their plans at their own pace.

The program will be in English and Tagalog.

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Application period ends on September 11, 2021. APPLY TODAY!

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