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Teachers on Tour: Outbound Training Program for MIL Educators

Date: Postponed 

Venue: Metro Manila

Read the Concept Note: bit.ly/ootbteachersontour

Application closed.

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Workshops and Events

Media Literacy Workshop 2017 Highlights

The Media Literacy Workshop (MLW) is the flagship program of Out of The Box. We developed original modules for three target audiences: teachers, college students, and high school students

Our modules for teachers are designed to help them reinforce their skills to be able to teach MIL effectively and confidently. Meanwhile, the modules for both college and high school students involve specialized topics designed to support their MIL education. All modules can be customized into half-day or whole-day workshops. 

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MLW College at De La Salle Dasmariñas
MLW College at Eastern Visayas University
MLW HS at Cauayan National High School
MLW College at University of Sto. Tomas

Bootcamp 2018 Highlights

The Look Out Bootcamp is the annual media conference of Out of The Box. It gathers and hosts media literacy teachers, students, and other advocates for a three-day event. The Bootcamp is an avenue for target participants to discuss pressing media issues and collaborate with one another to provide solutions.  

OOTB invites media professors, practitioners, and organizations to hold specialized lectures, panel sessions, and workshops. 

Visit the MIL Lesson Plans tab to check the workshop outputs of previous Bootcamp participants. 

Q & A with ML Teachers | Bootcamp 2018
Q & A with ML Teachers | Bootcamp 2017
Students at Baguio City | Bootcamp 2016
Students at UP Diliman | Bootcamp 2015

Ad Deconstruction & Design Workshop 2018

The Spoof Ads Competition aims to hone the critical thinking skills and creativity of high school students through deconstructing and “spoofing” selected advertisements. 

The Competition is open to teams of 3 high school students and is divided into 2 parts: Design Workshop and Spoof Ads Production. 

We invite advertising professionals to conduct a half-day design workshop. After which, students will choose an advertisement to spoof based on a theme. The Top 3 Spoof Ads will win cash prizes and will be exhibited in OOTB’s future events. 

Ad Deconstruction & Design Workshop 2018
Ad Deconstruction & Design Workshop 2018
Ad Deconstruction & Design Workshop 2017
Ad Deconstruction & Design Workshop 2017

PeliKolab Film Fellowship 2018

The PeliKolab Film Fellowship is a special mentoring project that aims to connect high school students with filmmakers and critics to develop their film literacy skills and production techniques.

PeliKolab is divided into two categories: Filmmaking and Film Criticism. For 2 days, all participants will undergo a workshop. After which, Filmmaking participants will pitch their film projects and the Top 7 will receive seed funding to be able to produce their projects. The Film Criticism participants will then write critical essays on one of the 7 films.

The short films will be screened and will receive special awards. 

PeliKolab Film Fellowship 2018
PeliKolab Film Fellowship 2018
PeliKolab Film Fellowship 2018
PeliKolab Film Fellowship 2018

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