Nationwide MIL Contest for High School and College Students

This year’s celebration of the Global Media and Information Literacy Week (October 24-31) emphasizes the important role that MIL plays as an intervention to the erosion of public trust and solidarity due to the intersecting crises of disinformation, hate speech, and other insecurities related to modern technologies. With the introduction of a mandatory MIL subject in the revised K-to-12 curriculum and the sporadic yet wide-reaching MIL campaigns by various organizations, young Filipinos have been exposed to many opportunities to hone their MIL competencies especially in dealing with “fake news.” But with the post-truth crisis only aggravating, young advocates of MIL are challenged to innovate and strengthen their commitment to think critically and click wisely. 

Filipino high school and college-level students are invited to join this Nationwide MIL Contest via video submission. Meanwhile, teachers are encouraged to leverage our locally-developed MIL resources to present this as a learning opportunity in their classrooms.

Submission Guidelines

The contest is divided into two categories: High school students and College students. Submit a video entry that answers the assigned question to your category. Cite real-world examples, scenarios, or situations in your answer. We encourage you to leverage our MIL resources to help inform and guide you. Show us your personality, and don’t be afraid to get creative.

  • 1st Category: High school students
    How should a media and information literate individual address fellow citizens who are misinformed, hateful, or discriminatory? (Paano dapat makipagkapwa ang isang taong media and information literate sa mga taong napapaniwala ng maling impormasyon at mga taong mapanakit at mapanghati?)
  • 2nd Category: College students
    How can media and information literacy help in reviving public trust lost in the media due to disinformation and hate speech? (Paano makakatulong ang MIL sa pagpapanumbalik ng humihinang tiwala ng publiko sa media bunsod ng disinformation at hate speech?)

Video must consist of one of two formats:

  1. Express your thoughts directly to us in front of the camera OR
  2. Find a partner and conduct an interview 

Other video entry requirements:

    • Video must not exceed 90 seconds in length
    • Video may be in English or Filipino
    • Video may be in vertical or horizontal format
    • Video must be uploaded to TikTok, Facebook, or YouTube (public or unlisted)
    • Once uploaded, the submission must be registered at

Deadline of submission is on October 26, 2022, Wednesday at 11:59 PM 

NOTE: For the 1st Category, only a maximum of two (2) entries per high school will be accepted. For the 2nd Category, no such limits will apply. All submissions from college-level students will be accepted as long as they meet the video entry requirements.

Judging Criteria and Prizes

Judging criteria will be:

  • Logical coherence and grounded on social realities – 40%
  • Creative rendering and originality of the material – 30%
  • Persuasive call to action – 30%

Three students for each category will be selected to win a certificate, cash prize and other gift items.

1st Category: High school students
1st Place: P8,000
2nd Place: P5,000
3rd Place: P2,000

2nd Category: College students
1st Place: P8,000
2nd Place: P5,000
3rd Place: P2,000

Winners will be announced during the first or second week on November.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Only 2 students/entries per school (junior and senior high school are counted as one unit) will be accepted. If more than two entries are submitted in the Google Form, only the first two will be recognized.

We are employing the 2 entries per school limit to avoid the case where we might receive too many entries from only a few schools. This way the participating schools are encouraged to field their two best entries/students for the contest.

YES! We highly encourage that. Note, however, that for high school students, we will only accept two entries at the maximum per school. Teachers may assist the students in selecting which entries should be submitted in behalf of the school.

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